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JenniBelle Boutique

JenniBelle Boutique

JenniBelle Boutique, the epitome of style and elegance, Our online boutique is a heaven for fashion-forward individuals seeking chic and unique clothing and accessories. From trendy apparel to stunning accessories, JenniBelle offers carefully curated selections that cater to diverse tastes and occasions. Explore our collection and let your personal style shine through with the exquisite offerings at JenniBelle Boutique.


Our Client wanted an eCommerce site with some extra features for customers. They wanted the site to be capable of selling in Multi-currency and in multiple locations. They also wanted to include a rewards/points section for customers to give benefits to loyal and recurring customers.


We Crafted a custom design for their website with a Multi-Currency feature and the ability to sell in multiple countries at the same time. The website is integrated with payment methods to accept payments online. We created a unique design for mobile view, Making all the categories visible on top of the page which was requested by the client.
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