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Jabeen Impex

Jabeen Impex

Jabeen Impex is a prominent online marketplace for sports clothing. Their website offers a diverse range of high-quality products, showcasing craftsmanship for both genders. With a user-friendly interface, shoppers can explore unique collections and connect with the world of fashion.


The client wanted a unique design website for his business that showcased all the available products from a diverse range. The client wanted the site to be eCommerce-ready with some unique signature aesthetics.


We designed and developed a custom design website with a keen eye for details and color schemes. The Website has a clean, minimalist look, along with supporting visuals. The website allows users to place an order online at the same time. The website has a working newsletter section.

Homepage of Jabeen Impex for large screens
About us page of the website for large screen devices
Contact us page of the website for large screen devices
All Products page of the website for large screen devices
checkout page for the website for large screen

Brand Style Guide




Barlow Semi Condensed

Barlow Semi Condensed is a sleek and modern font with a condensed design. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for various design applications, ensuring readability and efficiency.


Mukta is an elegant and legible font with a hint of traditional charm. Its balanced design suits both print and digital projects.

Homepage of the website Jabeen Impex for mobile devices
navigation bar of the website as responsive
Single product page for small screen devices
All products page for small devices