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Moses Bernard Karata

Moses Bernard Karata

Meet Moses Bernard, Your Fitness Expert: Moses Bernard has spent over 20 years studying how people move and stay healthy. He used to compete in track and field internationally while in Canada and later became a competitive cyclist in Florida. Now, he teaches people how to move better and be healthier. His workouts include exercises for flexibility, running to stay in shape, lifting weights for strength, and yoga for balance.


Our Client wanted us to design an entire sales page where people were redirected. The entire design and content was decided by collaboration of our teams.


We Provided client with an entire sales page, It briefly describes the packages and advantages, We have also included videos and testimonial section as a social-proof for better understanding of users.

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Muli Font is easy to read and looks modern and clean. It’s a great option for many design projects because it can adapt to different styles and fits with modern design.
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